Hear from our clients.

Have your pets spayed and neutered.

Mr. Edwards and his wife live on only their social security, they would love to keep the kitten they just rescued but can't afford to have her spayed.

Mrs. Carlson has 8 cats and most of them are in heat.

Mrs. Adams is divorced and raising her 3 children by herself. Their dog just had a litter of puppies and they couldn't find homes for them all.

While each story is unique, the solution is the same. When you consider the number of animals just one pet can produce, then multiply that by the number of pets each off-spring can produce, the numbers are staggering and that's where SNYP comes in...

Through prevention we save thousands of animals lives by being the only referral service for information on all known low cost spay/neuter programs in the Rogue Valley.

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